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Our Story

It all began when my fiancée (a portrait photographer) pointed out the lack of family photos on our walls and all the lovely photos that we had hidden away on digital devices. Some never to see the light of day.


Many of us use social media such as Instagram or Facebook. Its sad to say that most (if not all) the great and memorable moments that we catch on camera are resigned to only be seen in amongst the flood of information that we are confronted with, each and every day through these sites and mobile apps.


They should be given pride of place in our homes.


This gives us many problems…


How big should I print them?


How many frames will I need?


Where shall I get them printed?


What size do they need to be?


What style of frame? You need a frame that complements your room’s décor while not distracting from the photo.


And the big issue of knocking holes in your wall just to put them up? Major headaches!!!

I have been in the printing and design industry for two decades and set about trying to find a suitable solution. After many months of research I came to a conclusion that no one had any other than the standard picture or wrapped canvas option.


Don't get me wrong , I like both of these options but they are very limiting with regards to to problems I have already highlighted above.


We were unable to find a suitable solution to these problems anywhere, especially one that was affordable to most people and not only the wealthy.


So I set about trying to create something that is able to solve this.


While toying with a few ideas I created a print that I gave to my fiancée for her birthday. She was over the moon with it and wanted to know where I got it from because it was ideal to use for other photos to fill our bare walls. At first she didn’t believe that I had made it by hand but then I showed her what I did.

Now my fiancée has a much better business mind than I do and her mental cogs started whirring. So we set out to see if it was a viable business. Two years after the birthday gift was created, many, many hours of research and more prototypes than I can remember we come to this point and the launch of 3SQ.


We now have a product that is based on the way professional photographic art galleries create the exhibits. Using the latest Giclée Pigment based printing technology. Individually hand-crafted to ensure each one is finished to the highest possible standard.


Each, come with a wall mounting solution that requires no tools or DIY skills. So simple even a child could do it.


But most importantly, the photo is the only thing that is visible. This means that regardless of whether your home is ultra-minimalist modern or farmhouse shabby chic, these Gallery prints will look amazing and turn those previously hidden photos into an art gallery in your home.